Sunday, April 27, 2008

Police took a BAT for questioning

OMG! Now that’s real progressive work. I am sure they are still “investigating“. I mean it did jump at the kid who went into the Library to collect a book. Since its an NEW TYPE OF BAT.
from the descriptions and the picture shown on the Haveeru news daily who knows it could be any type from the list. My guess is Free-tailed bat not so free any more huh but then again it could be any one of it. Read more..


Picture from Haveeru Daily News


leen said...

ehehe good information keep em comin!

subcorpus said...

u didnt know ... ???
welcome to gotham city ...
this is batman ...

iRFAN said...


moyameehaa said...

haha.thnx for sharing..ive been away from haveru for somereason..(how do u view haveeru from safari..on mac os?)..

thank goodness they have captured something alive this times. otherwise they have 'hifaahayyarukoffa very funny things'...start from dead rats,crows and bats (which is sometimes a good thing we should appreciate)...and also..a haruge, a loud speaker, a bondibaiy theli..oh..and i kimboo.

this would make a good story.maybe thats vampire bat.maybe that student has turned in to one now..aaagh! run for ur lives people! where are the mv vampire hunters.