Thursday, November 01, 2007

Foolhu dhigu handi and Aminabi SMS chat log

[F] = Foolhu dhigu handi
[A] = Aminabi
[HT] = Hassan Thakuru

F: hey u there
A: ya
F: u saw dho
A: Errr!!
F: come on tel tel u saw dho
A: huh!!
F: hey not fair u tel
A: I don’t know
F: wat don’t know, u saw tha
A: dhenn saabus!!
F: I go there ingey
A: dhen Nooooooo!
F: wat no I go
A: no no no no nooooooooooo
F: then tel u saw tha

HT: wtf is this Huh!



yαиk cαlιbяє™ said...

lol, doood. thats hilarious! aminiabi and foolhu dhigu handi using the technology dho! :D

bulhaa said...

nice one!

iRFAN said...


.mini said...

good one!

HaLku said...

hehe..where did u get this dude.

crymv said...

that was fuckin funny!!! hama huvaa gandheee, but me being me, jus wanted to ask u y u called it SMS conversation?? shudnt it b MSN or smtn?? sry if this is a lame question ingey dood!!

iRFAN said...

hehe normaly i just talk with SMS with some few frieds, and when i check both phones its something like the above. kekeke so the idea came to me :-D..

Vampire MV said...

no! u it was one u had with some one... i no.. no no noooooo

srk said...

dude thtz a gud one ! hehehe! i heard 'bout this fairy tale ven i was shootin 4 baazigar. U cud join me in one of my films for a comedy role kekekekeke

sonya said...

hi irfan ur site is very intresting how do i get in touch with ISHIQA

bandey said...