Thursday, April 26, 2007


I always try to imagine the feeling of been remembered. I would just sit quietly with no one to disturb me and just ask my self will I be remembered. How would it be when I am in a fragment of memory of someone else? Would I be missed? If I am away, I will always miss my family. Can’t imagine my life with out them. I love each and every single one of them. I miss my mother, we love her so much, things have changed since we have been a parted and I don’t like that. Always want her to be with us. I miss my cousin brother (Nazim) he was a good man. He has done good things. [In memory of Ali Nazim on police] Always helps people in need never asked for anything in return. We had good times together. Things have changed a lot since we lost him too. It’s a day for everyone; I can understand that, I accept that. Just miss them. I don’t want to ask for more, because more will make things complicate…………. we will never forget them.

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