Sunday, January 28, 2007

RKL Rentals doesn’t provide services for Wataniya customers.

Yesterday I went to RKL rentals to rent a water pump to Walhudhiya Hikan, after checking the pump and in the process of filling the acceptance form I was told that we as in RKL rentals don’t provide to the people with Wataniya numbers. Customers should have a Dhiraagu fixed line or a postpaid line. I tried to explain that I am a postpaid customer of Wataniya and you can track me since your company has a copy of my ID card and if you want I can provide with driving license or any other document, but it was sad that they don’t provide to Wataniya customers since Wataniya has the option of changing postpaid to prepaid and visa versa and they will have problems in contacting. Frustrating it was. OK I though it was a cool service but they says no to Wataniya numbers. BUT since he is a Maldivian and understands the situation and with my LUCK he provided it one under his power. I don’t think next time I will be Lucky. Need some understanding or some kind of contract to be settle there in future other wise think of the people (families) who are dedicated Wataniya customers they wont be provided their services. Hmmmmm oh I forgot there is PINK rentals muaha hahaha but seriously I don’t think there will be any dedicated Wataniya customer or any other. No offence just a though.

Monday, January 08, 2007

WTF - How long does it take to realize

lets see saabus Haveeru but shit happens right right!

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News 2
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News 5

and more

Hmmm someones been busy doing bad things.