Sunday, November 05, 2006

Comics / Art

I have been reading comics since I laid my hands on them long time back. The amazing ink works its cool. The first ever comic I read was Aquaman. After that Justice League, Superman, Batman, Flash was introduced to me. I still got a bunch of them with me, can’t throw them. DC comic superheroes like Superman and Batman is still in lead. The World Finest. Ever since I was a kid I always loved the idea of Superman, how his character was brought to the world, Err other than the part where he wears his underwear over tights kekekeke. Ever wondered could there be a person who could do all those things and save the world from disaster. Ever wonder if you could fly. But it’s all a fantasy. Sometimes we all need to go down that road, because it gives comfort at times. These days’ movies are making big bucks on those fiction stories. They all are rocking. I always wanted to draw my own comics. I am not good at the artwork. But I have been working on something its not much just a test.

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