Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Matter Of Life And Death

It’s been long time I haven listen to Iron Maiden music and got this new Album released on August 28th this 2006, thanks to Afzal I got my hands on this beautiful peace of work. It’s just a new outcome I would say amazing music. I can always love a nice peace of music I mean who doesn’t. Right?

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Lake House – Almost made me vulnerable

After a long time I get to see my old time favorite couple Keanu Reeves and Sandra block in the new love story The Lake House to my knowledge the story is impossible to happen but after you finish watching it you really don’t care about it. The plot: A lonely doctor (Bullock) who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its newest resident, a frustrated architect (Reeves). They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.

Hmm I kinda asked too many questions when I watched it. i will regret writing this!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do I exist?

It’s funny to think this way but I just can’t help but to think that I am no use to this place. This place doesn’t seem to notice me, well not like before. I am so faded and bored. Sick of the work I do over and over nothing new nothing exciting. No new projects. Isolated from others. It’s all big mess. I know what to do and I am always two steps ahead of my work and there is no one else to take over my work. I can see others busy with new projects and plans but me I am just sitting here looking at the screen monitoring some process and writing my blog. I asked for more challengers and I got none. Sick of this game. Sometimes it’s cool to be unnoticed but it things change. Any ways I think it’s time for the new kids to come forward. I need a break. Feels almost like a ghost. I need a big break and go some where clear my head. Hmmm!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DUMB ASS / no offence

This news is taken from Haveeru daily News website just though of something. Check the bold red text area. It’s about time they said it……. Hmmm ASS!

Illegal sale of drugs and alcohol on the rise

12 September 2006

Fifty seven people have been arrested in the last three weeks in 50 drug and alcohol related crimes, the Maldives Police Service has said.Inspector Abdulla Shareef of the Police said that a large amount of drugs and alcohol had been confiscated from those involved. On the 24th of August a Maldivian man had been arrested and 34 cans containing alcohol were found in his possession in a house in Maafannu. And on the 28th of the same month, following a tip about illegal alcohol sale, another man was arrested in a Maafannu house. He had been in possession of 13 bottles of alcohol and several empty bottles had been found around the house.
Shareef further revealed that two Indian men had been arrested on the third of this month and 12 bottles of alcohol had been found in his possession. And on the 2nd of this month three addicts who had also been selling drugs had been arrested in a house in Galolhu ward. Last Wednesday a Maldivian and a Sri Lankan had been arrested for selling drugs. He did not, however, reveal how much drugs the two had been in possession of.
“We found a considerable amount of illegal drugs and various implements for taking the drugs on them,” said Shareef.
He said that their investigation had turned up that lately so many people were illegally selling alcohol because someone who had a license to import alcohol was supplying it to them.
“We are right now trying to find out find out who is doing the supplying and who are involved in this,” said Shareef. “So far it appears that there are a lot of foreigners involved.”
He said between January and July of this year, 704 people had been arrested on 533 separate drugs and alcohol related crimes.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Anonymous phone call

When I woke up I got a call threatening me to kill me. wtf is going on!