Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some years ago I was born today!

Ok first of all I would like to thank my family and friends, i want you guys to know i love you guys very much. Last night I wasn’t expecting anything but it’s always a family thing to celebrate the birthday and giving gifts, kinda like that part of the day actually every one does... at the 00:00 AM BAM there was presents and more presents kept coming. Every one gave me something… item list is big. Like I said wasn’t expecting anything but man oh man. Gadgets, toys cake, cards, hugs, kisses and more hugs and there it was [sniff! sniff!] She was standing at the back of the crowd with a sharp eye on me I noticed her. Steve Vai’s signature model JEM –JR (Ibanez). WOW I was kinda wanting for a guitar a Ibanez but this was a BLAST it was packed in a huge box with Blue gloss paper and a huge Superman “S” on it. Thank you. You have always stood next to me this was best ever yet. Oh yeah thanks to Shimal too and there will be some A[beep]s Ripping for you. Hmmm thank you all. [Sniff! Sniff!]. now for u my guitar ummmah ummmmah !

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