Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Meaning or . . . . .

There is a new word introduced to Dhivehi Radheef or maybe it was there already but the meaning is cleared. If not I suggest that it should be.
Word = wataniya
Wataniya: This word can be used in situations like SAD, RACISM, SARCASM, DUMB, DEPRESSION, FRUSTRATION, BACKSTABBING,HELL,TROUBLE, F (beep) K, ASS, CRAP or most of the time in UNEXPECTED DEDUCTIONS like SALARY etc. So next time if you guys need to say “that’s a sad thing to do” simply can say “that’s so wataniya” simple as that. Baaaah! This is so daaaaaaaah.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Little Kid you are on!

My little nephew who is six years old. Challenged me for a BeyBlade match and the winner gets 110000 MRF, hehehe and he is the one who is going to give the amount that’s what he said. Little kid with so much confident since he beat me yesterday on a friendly match of BeyBlade, and now my sister , her boy friend , sister in law and a cousin has joined the tournament since the price is high. Aha ha ha so much pressure at house, he got up early today 5:30 and got his gear and started training for the tournament. Oh JUMAN u are going to get it. I am going to get my own new BeyBlade. :-D KIDS. Hehehehe! Boy he is nervous now. You guys should have seen his face when we said ok we are going to beat you and get the money. Ehehehehe He even pretended calling the bank talking them to convince me that it’s not possible to give that kind of huge money at once. Ha ha ha. Man boy oh boy this will be fun. I hope I win. :-s [gulp]!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Great Vocals

Mr. Firmin Bogha, I just want to say great performance and a perfect choice. The Redemption song touched the crowd some talent you go there, hope to see you sing in near future. You the man. Maybe you can sing for us sometime. :-D

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some years ago I was born today!

Ok first of all I would like to thank my family and friends, i want you guys to know i love you guys very much. Last night I wasn’t expecting anything but it’s always a family thing to celebrate the birthday and giving gifts, kinda like that part of the day actually every one does... at the 00:00 AM BAM there was presents and more presents kept coming. Every one gave me something… item list is big. Like I said wasn’t expecting anything but man oh man. Gadgets, toys cake, cards, hugs, kisses and more hugs and there it was [sniff! sniff!] She was standing at the back of the crowd with a sharp eye on me I noticed her. Steve Vai’s signature model JEM –JR (Ibanez). WOW I was kinda wanting for a guitar a Ibanez but this was a BLAST it was packed in a huge box with Blue gloss paper and a huge Superman “S” on it. Thank you. You have always stood next to me this was best ever yet. Oh yeah thanks to Shimal too and there will be some A[beep]s Ripping for you. Hmmm thank you all. [Sniff! Sniff!]. now for u my guitar ummmah ummmmah !

Monday, August 07, 2006

Take it all away

This place I know decides what the people work there, what they should do hmm fair enough. Decides when to do …. That’s ok too and at the last minute cancels all too. Hmmmmm well can’t say they didn’t try to give any thing; they are still trying still but Baaaah wtf. But I like to call it monkey crap. ……………. tbc

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Many of you guys out there know what those numbers are, for those who don’t understand it is a conversion of Binary code which represents 365. This means the number of days in a Year. Err which we meant. Of cause we celebrated our first Anniversary Yesterday 1st August. IT / TECHNICAL CREW pulled it off. We had a great time. Thanks to the team and the effort you guys put to it. I would like to say thank you to all the members of the team that helped it make happen. We had a great time. Great presentations. Thanks to our CTO, IT Director and oh yes thank you for the Perfect Boduberu. W.S.K.Y.A.