Monday, July 17, 2006

Carlsbro vs JBL

Last night we went to check some sound systems, didn’t had a clue on the technology. So we thought of going to the only shops in Male’. From the first shop we asked the person at the counter “what can you tell us about Carlsbro compared to JBL since Carlsbro was displayed there he replays “JBL is nothing to compare with Carlsbro this is the best, and the best from UK too. We were like oooh ok. He says JBL will not spread the sound but this Carlsbro will break the sound and spread, hmmm ok what ever that means. So we decided we will do a little digging from here and there so we took a catalog from them and went to the second shop here they sell both JBL and Carlsbro so we asked a friend who works there and it went like. “Laailaaha IlaAllah Carslbro is nothing compared to JBL” the moment we heard that we were like oooooh ok and with an OH MAN. We know these people know about these things.We decided to burn the catalog and stop playing music. Err ok that was just a thought the part where we stop playing music. I mean if we want to take something good in here we are lost. But we already know that JBL is a lead but this is absurd. This is monkey crap I would say. We came out of the shop and had a blast ha ha ha ha such a crap to the eyes. What ever that means. Poor us.

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