Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Power up

Aaaaahhh! This is the time of the year I gain my energy. I get really excited when it rains special if I am on the ocean and it’s windy and rough. Have experience a lot. These days I can’t have fun trips like that, those were the days when I had all the time in the world. The other day on the ferry it brought back fun memories and scary ones too. The screams when the ferry rolls to the sides. Ha yeah. I would have to say I enjoyed the ride. Sorry for the scared persons. Last night I stood at the end of the edge of my balcony just to feel the rain drops. I would love to stand on a higher ground to see down. Usually I would climb up the rooftop and lie down and stare at the dark cloudy sky while it rains and thunder and one day I got a shock too ha. Freaky! And I though I got a superpower or something like the flash DUH! You never know. Any ways this is the power up months of the year.

Loading power up status. . . . . . .

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