Friday, June 30, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006

dark side

you dont want to know the dark side of me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Power up

Aaaaahhh! This is the time of the year I gain my energy. I get really excited when it rains special if I am on the ocean and it’s windy and rough. Have experience a lot. These days I can’t have fun trips like that, those were the days when I had all the time in the world. The other day on the ferry it brought back fun memories and scary ones too. The screams when the ferry rolls to the sides. Ha yeah. I would have to say I enjoyed the ride. Sorry for the scared persons. Last night I stood at the end of the edge of my balcony just to feel the rain drops. I would love to stand on a higher ground to see down. Usually I would climb up the rooftop and lie down and stare at the dark cloudy sky while it rains and thunder and one day I got a shock too ha. Freaky! And I though I got a superpower or something like the flash DUH! You never know. Any ways this is the power up months of the year.

Loading power up status. . . . . . .

Monday, June 12, 2006

Fast fingers

I need one of those if I want to keep up with the pros.Yawwwn! Time for a nap. Yup. Dream. Mermaids and the alien invaders war. Super heroes that’s me. That’s the place I belong.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What they say about my kind - الأسد

الرجل الأسد هو الرجل الشجاع الفاتن الذي يسحر الآخرين. هو البطل الذي لا يقهر. انسان نبيل اخلاقي نشيط حيوي مفكر عبقري متسلط يتحمل المسؤوليات كاملة تجاه اسرته وعائلته. نظامي وفعّال. طموح وفكره لامع.. حضاري جدا يطور نفسه مع ما يتناسب والاجواء السائدة لا يتوانى عن مساعدة كل محتاج.. اجتماعي وينتمي الى طبقة مستورة. تصرفاته راقية توحي بالثقة واللياقة. يميل الى السلطة والرئاسة لذلك لا يتناسب معه دور الضحية. يتباهى بنفسه كثيرا. يحب الاعمال الخيرية ويبرع فيها. متعدد المواهب. رجل ناجح يحب العلم والمعرفة

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well it makes no difference

Today I feel agitated. Little voices talking to me. Saying “You have a choice”. Little pain in my chest nothing major I guess. It’s just a feeling a thought I am sure it will pass, but when I am in that “zone” it’s all about leaving everything, everything I own, my family, friends everything I love. Just want to be free. I don’t know how much time I have in this quest of life but I know I am not in the right path. It’s a war and it’s all around us and it sickens me. It seems the hardest things to do among us are to forgive and letting things go the list is long, but does it really matter to a man who want to leave everything. When people come up to me and share the story of their life it always end up the same either sad or happy and I have this smile in side me. But I care. It’s just that I can’t do anything about it I am not here for that. We always want happiness but to wish happiness to someone else is never the first thing in the mind, but does it matter to a man who wants to leave everything behind. Not many want to think about the purpose of life, they are too afraid I guess. I sound more confused than making sense. Everything in life is based on choices. Make a difference why not. Get along. Crawling and falling for the sins of my past. This whole thing is a big miss understanding. Now how about that. Talking nonsense. Bah! Does it matter now? It’s the same every where. Depression, Drugs more.
So just like in the song” Let the Good Times Roll” and it goes something like this.

Hey everybody
Let's have some fun
You only live once
But when you're dead you're gone

So let the good times roll
Well let the good times roll
Well it makes no difference
If you’re young or old
Just get together
And let the good times roll

Hey don't sit there mumbling
Talkin’ trash
If you wanna have a ball
You gotta spend some cash
Let the good times roll
Oh yeah let the good times roll

Makes no difference
If you're young or old
Oh let the good times roll

Oooh! Yeah there is more . . . . . . . . It goes

Tell everybody Chuck Brown is in town
A dollar and a quarter
He's just wearing a crown
1 Don't let no female play me cheap
I got fifty cents more
Than I'm gonna keep

So let the good times roll
Yeah let the good times roll
Don't make no difference
If you're young or old
Just get together and
Let the good times roll

No matter whether rainy weather
If you wanna have a ball
You’ve got to get yourself together
Get under control and
Let the good times roll

Now what you gonna do.

thats pretty much it.

To be continued.