Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Someday I will . . . . . . . but until then

We all know we are here for a period of time and we may or may not achieve every or some things we want in our life. I really don’t believe in achieving a spot light here will do any good in our next life. Yes and I believe in another life. When we add all up together it’s clear that this is just a test. Just a plate form for greater things to come. The journey of this life ends when we are departed and from that point another journey begins. Every thing in this world is just an object of destruction. Just love your family and friends cherish the time with them and do your duties to god.
” Everything that has a beginning has an end” but I believe it’s just for this life. What I am saying here is what I believe nothing less nothing more. Among everything in this world there is only one thing that does not look back or stop, yet. TIME. Time flies and goes by. We have no control over it. I guess it is for the best. We grow old and the life process gives chance to another generation. Getting old is a process I will have to go through if I am luck whether I like it or not. This is just thoughts in my head I want to clear out. No matter how bad or good things go someone will always look after you. It’s a good sign we get to see sun everyday if you know what I mean. And some day I will depart from this life, but until then I will be here watching over you. Just hold my hand and we will live this journey together while we can.

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