Sunday, May 14, 2006

After a long long time

This morning! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrghh! “My back”. I should have stayed home and watched a movie but nooooooo I had to go for swimming. (Idea from the vampire.) But it was fun. Three hours in the sea and three of us. Me, forbiddenhex and a vampire. I think we should try it every weekend, it sure brought a lot of fun memories. The most fun thing happened was the attempt to climb the rocks (Thinkan Gaa) in the Track. Ha ha ha ha! Oops. But we succeeded anyways it was sad that life-circle was unable to join us in the fun he was too busy at work good boy. What else oh yes hey eythimeethi I did tried to call you a lot of time but it says the mobile phone was switched off  and I tried to send you an SMS but later I found it was failed to send to you. What the hell are you doing to your phone? But guys please next time let’s go together and don’t miss the babes on the water. Ooooooooooooooh yes right guys.

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