Saturday, April 29, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Battle Ground!

Internet has been a battle ground for many geeks around the world. From far away distance attacks keeps on coming but what I am mainly focusing on is my two collogues. Yes its Vampire-khan vs Forbiddenhex. Its fun to see these to blogger fight there battle in their blog and interesting too. I am not supporting them but I am not stopping them either. I don’t want to be a target. :-D so Rage on. Ooooops!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

What do you do here? huh! wtf

What do I do every day? Well I have to say hi to some DUMB Tapes and I have to cuddle them. Ya you can say that. My main job is to maintain the valuable data of the company that’s been backed up. Boring as it can be, but if anything thing bad happens to it, it will always be my head. So it’s a Big responsible and a shitty job. Sitting in my lonely corner and stare at the screen and just monitor and schedule, reschedule blah blah! And the most shitty thing is most of the people in the company don’t know what I actually do here well these days. Now how did I end up here? To tell you guys the truth taking backup was the only thing I didn’t want to do in this so called Tech – world. I used to work in Internal I.T as a Windows Administrator and was promoted to a System Administrator in I.S. It was cool, me and my BOSS was managing the billing servers(UNIX)of the company and ofcoz the backups of the servers back then was the golden days oooooh yeah. After few days with little rain there came a storm and some tornados struck the I.T Department and after I came from an urgent leave that I took for some emergency purpose every thing was changed as it is now. My boss changed and I got a new boss and the server responsibilities are handled by some other party. Long story short I end up with the Robotics Armed Data Backing Machine.
Now all I do is backup. Hmmmmm but when you look it this way it’s not bad at all I mean, I have all the time and resource to do research and these days I am developing stuff hopefully someday it will come in useful and handy for my future. Well at least I am trying to think that way. I know this company is not using my 100% capability. What the hell I know where I stand and I stand alone.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Future not far

i can't help it. Its every where i go , every where i look and i have no choice, i can't stop it. why do i see these things. why why.

see i told ya i see future

i cant stop it ;-P

Sunday, April 16, 2006

a Day

7:00 AM [titititeeeeeeeteeeeee] snooze, ...... [ok]
7:05 AM [titititeeeeeeeteeeeee] snooze, ..... [ok]
Yaaaaaan mukkck muckk, [ok]
Visual of the environment loading..... [Error]
[one eye opened] looking for -Towel, facial wash and tooth brush...... [ok]
Goes straight to toilet half naked. ....[ok]
Gets freshen up .... [ok]
Gets into office cloths ....[ok]
Gets all the toys need for the work ....[ok]
Watch TV before going office ……..will get late ....[Error]
Walks to the ferry terminal (ipod ON, hmmm some B.B King) . [ok]
Buys a ticket and waits in the terminal for the ferry ..... [ok]
20 minutes on the ferry with music and the co –workers ....[ok]
Gets off from the ferry and gets on to the BUSS / these days ....[ok]
Reach office and enters finger print before entering department ....[ok]
Setups the desk for the laptop and other necessary toys ..... [ok]
Checks office mail, news, etc....[ok]
9:30 AM Breakfast .... [ok]
Returns to work and replies to the necessary mail .... [ok]
Checks pending works and status ...[ok]
When its time to go home pack everything 6:00PM (sometimes) .... [ok]
Logout from office (finger print) .....[ok]
Waiting in the ferry terminal for the ferry.... [ok]
Music on for 20 minutes or more .....[ok]
When reach to male’ goes home fresh up coffee time ..... [ok]
All night out hangs with the gang, play music (some days) .....[ok]
Comes home when system needs to shutdown ..... [ok]
12:00AM gets on to bed (some days) .....[ok]
Shutdowns for another day .....[ok]

After office hours activities varies . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Night life / male’

Three guys goes to a coffee, nice place orders coffees, sits and talks about Music, work, tech talk, shits, gals, more shits, talks dumb, talk cartoon, more dumb talks. All talk. And next to our table there is this hot gals laughing there ass off with there fun jokes and sipping hot coffee and one of them oh man. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. It’s crazy. This is madness. There is no good night life here or maybe it’s just us. Nothing progressive. Think what else hmmmm is there!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

We miss u billing

Even though you guys are in Happy World Land. I want to say that on behalf of the IT Team we miss u guys. Shifko you must take care of Fazal ok you know his wildness and Safko take good care of the new kid. Pls come and visit us some time.