Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lonely walk

Last night I finished my work little late, late than usual, some stuff came at the last minute. Before leaving office I had a coffee but for some reason I didn’t finished it... not important. After signing out I wanted to go male’. It was quiet at that time and I missed the late night walks to the ferry. There was a time when my work finished at midnight but those days have passed. Mind needed to relax, had to listen to some music and I had just the thing I needed, shuffling from song to song I cleaned my ipod till I got some Jimi Hendrix’s songs yeah, didn’t want to miss the nine o’clock ferry so I boosted my speed. Finally got on to the ferry. It’s always boring on the ferry, twenty minutes of peoples head swinging and mine and the ferry engine will kill me. Full volume was my only option. [tin ting tin ting] huh an SMS. Later two of my colleges joined me. After we arrived male’ we took our own paths. When I reached my home I got a call from my buddy dude and he came to pick me up to show me some stuff. From there we heard things that we already knew but didn’t want to know. I feel sorry for the victim but it’s just another story.

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