Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is the future here YET?

Long time ago in a far away galaxy DUH! In the time when I was studying in pre-school our class had to write and essay yeah yeah an essay about the future, actually it was targeted to year 2000 at that time year 2000 was no way near. So I wrote about the flying cars (back to the future) , war of the galaxies and the Jedi ( star wars) and the robots and many things I saw from sci-fi movies which I grew up with. Since a kid I am into robotics, I collected almost all the robot toys I can get from here but still it’s not enough and nor fancy. I mean how good a robot can be. How efficient can it be? I mean back in those days it was a NO NO, it can’t come true. BUT now get a load of this I will say it’s a Killer. I have started collecting again them again this time it’s for real [Robosapien] i call it MAXi. ofcoz the new model RS-V2 is available here too. Check the new babies.Check out more

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