Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bandos Trip

After a long time we went on a trip to Bandos this Friday. Family and friends huh.
We had fun and that’s the main idea of it. Hmmmmmmm I will say Wataniya and Dhiraagu can get along tsk tsk tsk, Take us for an example u SUCKERS. Ops just kidding Huhmmm.Any ways it’s all about friendship so me and my family planed a trip just before Roadha to have some fun. Thanks guys for helping me make this possible. There was some things I want to point out from this trip like Shimal was actually running and that’s a progress HE HE. Played football miming and water polo etc we had a mummy too. And a little taste of some Boduberu from Sirey when we came back to male’on the sun deck of the dhoni. Some of the names will not be mentioned because they didn’t want their name to be told. Like Shah, Azeem and Azmath u know the shy guys heheh.Ops!!
Kaaka kaaka kaa kaaa.


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EyThiMeeThi said...

that was really a goood trip.. i enjoyed it a bit :) lookin forward for more trips :~