Sunday, September 25, 2005

So it’s out there!!!

“Jinni is not in the bottle and it’s out there “these days all we talk about is some jinni incidents “did u know this guys BEEEEEP was kicked by an jinni” , “ some guy said he say a tall big shadow like being standing in side the trees” duh well. What do you know? So I started reading books asking people and surfing the internet about this mysterious jinni that’s keeps my dear friends away from the toilet at late hours HEHE!!

Every thing I need is writing in the Book of Allah the Quran. So it was not so hard but I check some other people’s stories about it and so called Black Magic sorcery I can see a lot of connection. These days every thing is so changed new beliefs new cultures. Any ways will be continuing my little curious research. But the mean time read more

In Quran read more
In Quran other recits

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