Thursday, March 03, 2005

Misruge Monster

Once upon a time there was a woman monster (with big ass) she wants to run and ruin every thing. This monster can’t run anything but sure do ruins everything and now the monster is at it again. They play there own game and we face all the f**king bullshit.
Oh yes and it really sucks!! Oh yeah this monster really exists.I will post more about this later there is alot.... dho dude what do u guys say.


seaweedlife said...

this monstor sucks! big time! i wish i can escape.

Anonymous said...

shal we call it the ASS MISTRESS
.. run run go hide or excaoe from it..

sucks big time said...

have you seen a shorter monster with beard nearby. . . these monsters sucks big time

seaweedlife said...

i say we kill the beast..